UltraGenda Pro 6.1.6 Service Release

The present service release provides an important update to UltraGenda Pro and includes new features, feature enhancements and a number of bugfixes. UltraGenda recommends all customers to update their UltraGenda Pro environment to the latest version. Please note that the present release includes all previously released bugfixes and feature enhancements.

Update from version 5.4.0 or higher to 6.1.6: use the update functionality of the installer
Update from version 5.3.0 or lower to 6.1.6: uninstall the software version followed by a re-install of 6.1.6

Please note that UG Pro 6.1 requires the Microsoft.Net Framework Version 4.0.
This version can be downloaded from the Microsoft site.

Release date: 11 January 2013

The free text provided for the free text of a patient link was encoded the wrong way which could lead to an incorrect URL. This issue is now resolved.

When creating a waiting list entry after reaching the end of a search action, an error occured. This issue is now resolved.

In a specific case blocked slots became available when closing appointments in that session. This issue is now resolved.


When changing the episode of an appointment, the appointment is now automatically refreshed in the middle pane of UG Pro.

PRO-2792, PRO-2757
Performance has been improved and the possibility for deadlocks has been reduced.

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