UltraGenda Pro is the heart of UltraGenda’s product suite. This groundbreaking enterprise-wide scheduling solution was launched at the beginning of this century and is the essence of our reputation. UltraGenda Pro is extremely configurable and, therefore, can meet the requirements of all departments and clinics. As a result, it acts as the primary planning layer in the healthcare organization. Like all other UG applications, UltraGenda Pro is web native and integrates easily with other HIS components. The solution supports the planning of the primary resources such as physicians, operating rooms and modalities. UltraGenda Pro is the reference point for enterprise-wide scheduling and is used in more than 100 leading hospitals across Europe.

The online referral and booking platform UG Broka serves as the extension of UltraGenda Pro to the outside world. Via UG Broka, family doctors (or other authorized personnel) can make an online referral to a hospital in accordance with all the specific referral rules of the clinic (or even individual physician) involved. The patient can then make his appointment either by phone (the hospital picks up the referral and converts it) or online! Certain patients (dialysis patients, for example) or patient groups can even be granted the right to book a specific appointment online without prior referral. All the bookings take into consideration the specific rules of the clinic. With the combination of UltraGenda Pro and UG Broka, the booking process enters the 21st century—at last.

‘Generic solutions for generic issues’ is UltraGenda's guiding principle. Follow-up of appointments is such a generic issue. Are we running behind? Can we assign a different room for this exam or operation? Has the procedure started? Is the patient already in recovery? UG Track Pro is used to follow appointments scheduled in UltraGenda Pro into their execution phase. Since UG Track Pro is a generic solution, the application can be used in departments as diverse as cathlab, endoscopy, operating rooms, imaging, functional tests, etc.

UG Track Pro inherits the planning data for the relevant entity from UltraGenda Pro. Authorized users can then convert the plan into a program via drag and drop. Each procedure defined in UG Track Pro has its own workflow that invites or, sometimes, forces the user to enter certain information at certain stages of the procedure. This enables the control room to monitor the progress of the various procedures as well as the occupancy of the relevant resources, and to adjust where appropriate.