Common benefits

The enterprise-wide UG solutions offer substantial benefits in five distinct areas.

Direct savings and productivity gains
Improved staff satisfaction and effectiveness
Better quality
Improved service
More effective management

Direct savings and productivity gains

All UltraGenda solutions contribute directly and substantially to your bottom line.

  • Direct costs for bookings are reduced up to 70%.
  • Resource occupation is optimized (particularly important for expensive equipment).
  • Overhead costs (e.g. endless and needless phone conversations between departments and clinics) are cut.
  • When deployed across the HMO or healthcare community, cross-hospital activity is regulated at virtually no cost.

Improved staff satisfaction and effectiveness

We all know that staff suffer from inefficiency and bureaucracy just as much as the organization itself. UltraGenda provides tools that boost your staff’s efficiency and restores satisfaction and enthusiasm:

  • Extremely user-friendly, web-native solutions.
  • Accurate and up-to-date information is accessible at any time. No complex searches are necessary and data flow automatically from one solution into the other.
  • No rules to remember. Booking a series of 20 appointments? Session or clinics cancelled? Operating room unavailable or CT scanner broken down? UltraGenda remembers the parameters and deals with these issues effectively.
  • The flexibility of staff is greatly enhanced. Rules are strictly observed at all times, taking into consideration the specific rights of any user group or even individual user (sometimes even including the patient!).

Assured quality and accountability

  • Relevant questions and answers guide the booking assistant and the patient through the booking process, ensuring that ‘the right appointment’ is booked for the patient and that required information is collected.
  • Patients receive specific, precise instructions—including any precautions they need to take—via mail or e-mail. They are medically and psychologically prepared for their exam or procedure, making the entire process more efficient.
  • The visit or procedure is carefully followed-up on with certain data being captured automatically (e.g. stage markers).
  • In UG solutions all activity is constantly logged. Hence, total traceability—an important aspect of quality—is guaranteed at all times.

Improved service

With UltraGenda, service to the patient is not only improved—it is transformed.

  • Swift and accurate information is readily available (upcoming appointments, free slots, vacant rooms, etc.)
  • The service is highly professional (the intelligence is in the system, reducing the possibility of human error).
  • A variety of letters with precise instructions and information are available in the patient’s own language.
  • Searches for free slots consider patient’s own criteria and preferences.
  • 24/7 service via call center during non-business hours.
  • Reminder service per e-mail or SMS.
  • And—above all—the revolution of online bookings through the combination of UG Pro and UG Broka.

In addition, healthcare professionals that send their patients to the hospital for follow-up or consultation can benefit from a groundbreaking online referral service.

Facilitating more effective management

Hospitals employ thousands and HMOs or healthcare communities often employ ten thousands of highly qualified staff. Their managers badly need tools as well as accurate, up-to-date information at the scale of the enterprise—exactly UltraGenda provides.

  • Enterprise-wide resource planning, across all departments and clinics.
  • Generic follow-up and tracking of visits, exams and procedures across the organization.
  • Enterprise-wide e-referrals and e-bookings for referring professionals and patients.
  • A wealth of consistent planning—as well as activity data, enables managers to monitor the logistic performance of the organization and to streamline or re-engineer processes where appropriate.