The UltraGenda suite and the HIS

The various solutions that make up UltraGenda's best-in-class product suite for patient logistics are web-native and interact with one another via XML web services. They are available for use on the MS Windows platform with a MS SQL Server database. The entire product suite is HIS-independent and can, therefore, be easily integrated with systems of any type, size or scope. UltraGenda provides its own generic integration layer which consists of a variety of methods such as:

  • HL7 messages for asynchronous messaging
  • Visual integration (based on CCOW) for the context switch with fat-client and thin-client applications
  • XML web services

The specifications of all integration messages, mechanisms and web services are available for our customers.

The following diagram shows the main interactions between the various UG solutions and other components of the HIS.

The UltraGenda Suite and the HIS