We are a software company, not a consulting firm. At UltraGenda, we stay true to our first goal: developing software that deserves to be called ‘best in class.’

Obviously, software solutions to support processes as complex as planning require skillful implementation. These implementations are carried out in part by our own team of product specialists and in part by partners trained and certified by us.

The services we provide:

  • Installation of our software solutions on pre-configured server environments, the specifications of which have been previously validated by us.
  • Integration with the HIS or HIS components using our own, generic integration layer.
  • Training of application managers, system managers and key users. Given the extreme user-friendliness of the UG interfaces, training of end users is only exceptionally carried out by us.
  • Assistance with initial configuration and start-up.
  • Project management.
  • Consulting for ad hoc requests relating to the use, configuration and deployment of our solutions.
  • Product support.