UltraGenda is strictly HIS vendor-independent. Our solutions are integrated with HIS systems or components from various types and origins. Some HIS vendors offer only UltraGenda solutions to complement their offering while others cooperate with us on a project basis.

As a result, UltraGenda cooperates with dozens of companies in many countries for mutual integration. Among these are global players, such as Agfa, General Electric, Carestream and Siemens as well as many vendors local to the countries where our solutions are being used.

In most of the countries where we have a presence, our solutions are offered directly to our end-customers. In a few countries, we have distribution agreements in place with partners. These partners are trained and certified by us so that they can implement our solutions in their territory. Software support is done exclusively online from our headquarters, although our partners have a role to play in this area as well.

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