Values and strategy

The business culture of UltraGenda is based not only on our forward-thinking vision, but on a few simple principles:

Focus, focus, focus

UltraGenda is a true niche player. We focus on our expertise (specifically: referrals, planning and follow-up of appointments in healthcare), develop solutions within that realm and ensure that they integrate easily with other components of the HIS.

Generic thinking

Our solutions are generic rather than specific. Adaptations as a result of specific customer requests are integrated in our generic solutions. In addition, UltraGenda looks beyond our borders. In fact, more than 85% of our revenue is derived from export.

Innovative solutions

UltraGenda’s solutions are ground-breaking, not only in terms of richness of functionality but also technologically. In order to maintain this high caliber of products, we invest substantially and consistently in R&D.

Old-fashioned ethics

We believe in providing our customers with something of value before we cash in. Our desire for quality in our products, our commitment to long-standing relationships and our protectiveness of our reputation keep us focused on long-term goals rather than short-term benefits.

No nonsense

We are practical. The talent in our company is steered by a clear organization and works according to leading-edge, yet proven, methods. In solutions development, an Agile methodology is applied.

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