UG Contacts Store | Frequently Asked Questions


Q: As we have our own hospital wide data warehouse why would we still need UG Contacts Store?

UG Contacts Store is a data mart, i.e. a subset of data that relate to one specific business process –in this case appointments and their follow-up. A data warehouse is in fact the result of bringing together various data marts. UG Contacts Store is fed by UltraGenda Pro. One could argue that you could feed your data warehouse directly from UltraGenda Pro without the transit via Contacts Store –and that certainly is an option for you. However in that scenario you will need to unravel the thousands of HL7 incoming messages as well as ‘map’ every segment with a table in your data warehouse and that is a big job. With UG Contacts Store life is easier in the sense that you get a completely documented data model, fed in real-time, and that will allow you to define reports instantly –as a component of your data warehouse.

Q: Can we set up and compose our reports and statistics by our own?

You certainly can. The data model is complete and documented in full detail. Any third party business intelligence or data mining tool will enable you to extract and publish this data.