UG Track Pro | Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Colleagues tell me that UG Track Pro is an OR management system but when checking your website you seem to take a different view. What is exactly is the function of UG Track Pro?

UG Track Pro is a generic solution. You can use it in the OR, as well as in other departments or clinics. In that respect it is obviously not an OR system.
UG track Pro’s sole task is to follow-up and track appointments booked via UG Pro within one specific environment or department. Track Pro achieves this task via 4 functions.
1. the conversion of ‘planning’ into a ‘work program’ (via drag and drop).
2. time stamps and other registrations as defined by the relevant department.
3. monitoring of reality versus planning for the department or environment concerned on basis of the time registrations.
4. reports

Q: Where lies the difference between UG Track Pro and a ‘true’ OR management system?

OR systems are per definition ‘OR specific’ whereas UG Track Pro is a generic solution. An OR system offers a variety of functions and registrations that are ‘hard-coded’, whereas in UG Track Pro it is ‘the customer’ who will decide what the system will do or register, the customer being one specific clinic or department within a hospital (for example the OR). In short: an OR system offers per default more functions whereas UG Track Pro is more flexible and customer friendly.

Q: If I get it well we will adjust the planning made in UltraGenda Pro in UG Track Pro. Will these changes also return to UG Pro or will they stay available only in UG Track Pro?

All adjustments that you carry out in UG Track Pro (change of time or room, cancellation, etc.) are available in real-time in UltraGenda Pro. UltraGenda Pro displays the exams or procedures as you have programmed them in UG Track Pro albeit that the original planning data remain available.

Q: As we currently have an OR system, we would like to use UG Track Pro mainly in a few other environments (mainly functional testing but also some consultations). Do we need to buy a license for each of those environments?

In Track Pro you can configure as many departments, clinics or environments you wish. Next, you will grant access to one or more of those departments via access rights. You can configure different workflows and registrations per department, and even per ‘appointment type’. And no, you do not need an extra license each time you would like to start a new department.

Q: What is meant by registrations? What is it that one can register?

As mentioned earlier, only the administrator decides what will be registered. Some departments may choose to restrict to time stamps (and in doing so be able to monitor ‘actual’ versus planned progress), whereas other departments may want to register other information as well such as presence, consumption of material or billing codes. Strictly speaking one can register anything in UG Track Pro, including clinical information but the vocation of UG Track Pro remains essentially ‘logistic’.

Q: What is meant by workflow?

UG Track Pro enables you to define an unlimited number of ‘phases’ per appointment type (e.g. procedure X or exam Y), and to label each of these freely (e.g. pre-op, per-op and post-op). For each of those phases you can then specify the registrations that can (or must!) be done. The status of the procedure (i.e. the current stage of the procedure or the exam) is shown at all time. All this is what we call the workflow.

Q: Our OR people are interested in your UG Track Pro product but we have our own scheduling and planning system that is supposed to stay on for a while. What do you suggest?

The work program in UG Track Pro is based on planning data from UltraGenda Pro. The relation between both solutions is very intense and complex, especially since it is bi-directional. Hence Track Pro definitely requires UG Pro as the ‘back-end’ scheduling system. The opposite is not true: UltraGenda Pro can interact with third party OR systems.

Q: What information does UG Track Pro receive from UltraGenda Pro?

All planning information i.e. patient identity, appointment type, date, time, duration, other (linked) appointment, questions, answers and the user that has made the booking. All information registered in UltraGenda Pro is available in UG Track Pro.

Q: What information is sent back from UG Track Pro to UltraGenda Pro?

All information registered in UG Track Pro as a result of (re)programming and ‘closing’ of a procedure (including cancellation) is given back to UltraGenda Pro.

Q: Quid reports and statistics in UG Track Pro?

Reports that contain information registered in UG Track Pro are generated directly from UG Track Pro via the third party tool Ecrion. Obviously, information that has been sent back to UltraGenda Pro can also be reported from UG Pro (via Crystal Reports) or from UG Contacts Store. Finally the XML data in UG Track Pro can be called up by external systems for further reporting.


Q: Our anesthetists use their own system. Can UG Track Pro receive time stamps from that system?

If the anesthesia system can send us these time stamps via an HL7 message then they will be entered automatically in the corresponding registration field in UG Track Pro.

Q: Can we install UG Track Pro on the same server as UG Pro?

No problem at all.